VIZ Showtime starring Roger Mellie, The Man On The Telly has landed on the iPhone,iPad and iPod touch in glorious free to play 3D. Based on the real pub fruit machine of the same name, it packs a punch with a stack of features. If you like your slots games and your fruit machines, youíre gonna love this.

Features include:

The skill based features are piled high with TV Trumps, On The Box, Chain Reaction, Stella Vision, Golden Nuggits and a load more besides.

Hot features include Morning Glory, Cash Convoy, Razzle Dazzle, Mellieís Money amongst others, topped off with Rogerís Big Deal big money feature.

Bonus Squares, Mystery Squares, Feature Trails, Cash Trails and more await.

Head for the Big Prizes in Rogerís Big Deal, a decision based game where only the canny hit the jackpot.

60 FPS gaming on the latest devices.

Free to play multiplayer games are there for you to test your skill against friends and other players online. (Requires a free to register Game Center account)

Online/Offline Trophies - A whole load of in-game achievements are there for the taking.

Online/Offline Highscores - On the Bank Run you have 10 minutes to cash out with as much virtual cash as possible.

Free Gameplay Credit - Run out of credit? Youíll get free credits to play with every day and extra free credits via the online multiplayer games!

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